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How the Twist Wrapping Machine Works

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Hey, do you know how the twist-wrapping machine works?

My name is Hans, technical sales manager at CFM

The twist-wrapping machine we are talking about is basically for confectionery products like candy, gum, lollipop, chocolate, or chocolate-coated products.

Twist Wrapping For Confectionery Products

including the single-twist wrapping machine, and double-twist wrapping machine.

The difference between a candy twist wrapping machine and a chocolate twist wrapping machine is the feeding system.

Different Feeding Methods

The candy twist wrapping machine is mainly equipped with a rotating disc feeding system,

 it can maximize feeding efficiency, and provide smooth product flow to the twist wrapping section.

But for the chocolate products, the fragile nature of the product should be taken into account, so the feeding system should be able to convey chocolates to the wrapping section gently, it calls for belt feeding.

After the proper feeding process, the product will be transferred from the feeding system to the twist wrap section, where there are basically 3 actions:

action 1: The product is gripped by the clips from the conveyor system to twisters.

Action 2: twisters twist wrap products

Action 3: wrapped products are discharged from the machine

Action 1, 2, 3

Our C-T series twist wrapping machine is designed for highly efficient, high-stability twist wrapping for confectionery products, candy, lollipops, chocolate, etc.

With servo controls technology and intuitive HMI design, our machine could provide you with sufficient packaging capacity and stability, 

while helping you further reduce your labor costs with our fully automated solution throughout your packaging activities.

If you need any packaging proposals, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you and see you next time!

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