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How Does The Vertical Bagging Machine (VFFS Mahcine) Works?

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Hey! Do you know how does the vertical bagging machine works?

My name is Hans, technical sales manager at CFM

The vertical bagging solution consists of 2 parts, the weighing system, and the bagging machine.

the weighing system, and the bagging machine.

The weighing system is customized according to your packaging capacity, usually, we’ll take 10 heads weigher or 14 heads weigher.

Multi-Head Weigher

The multi-head weigher is put on the top of the bagging machine and held with the platform, it can provide a fixed quantity of products to the bagging machine.

Our C-V10 bagging machine is designed for highly efficient high-capacity packaging of free-flowing products in food or non-food sections, it’s also 1 of the optimal choice for secondary packaging after primary packaging. 

C-V10 Bagging Machine

The film is pulled from the flat reel, over a swing shaft to the forming shoulder, formed into a tube, then the film draw-down belt. will pull the film over the heat sealing station to generate a vertical seam.

Flat Reel
Swing Shaft
Forming Shoulder

Then passing through the cross-sealing station, to form a cross seam, the top of the filled bag and the bottom of the empty bag are sealed at the same time.

Heat Sealing Station

The speed of the C-V10 vertical bagging machine is up to 120 bags/min, the speed depends on the product’s characteristics and your specific packaging requirements.

Cross Sealing Station

A Pillow bag, Gusseted Bag, can be produced on the C-V10, please feel free to contact me to get your tailored solutions.

Pillow Bag

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